What type of water are you navigating? I have worked with very big charities and for people who raise their own support. I can help you chart a course.

There’s always common elements: What great things is God doing? How can you share those stories? Gratitude makes an excellent springboard into generosity.

Fundraising is more than a means to an end: giving can and should be a joyful and community-building spiritual practice. Click on the Charity or Church buttons below for more information or reach out so we can chat.


Generosity Assessments for Churches

I am a former pastor with a depth of experience around churches and money. Giving is a spiritual discipline and part of Christian discipleship.

Let’s move beyond just trying to wring money out of people!

Click on the church button below to see my Circle of Grace giving model, plus more information on how I can help your church on a journey of generosity