A passionate speaker

I enjoy public speaking, from workshops and webinars to sermons. People tell me I’m enthusiastic and passionate. I like telling stories, and hearing new ones in response.

I welcome being peppered with questions!  My sessions are interactive, as that’s how we learn best (plus it’s more fun for me as well).

What makes me stand out? I understand not just fundraising but Christian fundraising really well:

  • Extensive research into Christian giving in Canada

  • Experience in charities big and small

  • Theological training with a focus on church and money

I know the giving numbers and the generational trends. And I have practical suggestions for your group right now!

See the gallery for a highlight reel. Some of my recent presentations include:

  • Major gifts and the church

  • Jesus talks about money; we can too

  • Celebrating the Offering as an act of worship

  • Saying thank you

  • Sharing your story in a way that inspires – narrative budgeting

  • Building Generous Congregations

  • Best Practices for Giving in Churches

  • Christian Giving: Navigating turbulent times of declining trust

  • What the Apostle Paul taught me about church and money

  • Thank you letters with annual receipts

  • Leaving a legacy to your church: Talking about bequests


Slideshow of webinars and presentations