Making numbers make sense

You work for ABC Charity because you are passionate about ABC. You might not be as passionate about direct mail, receipting or planned giving. That’s good, because then we can work together.

I know the Canadian Christian giving sector really well - as employee, consultant, academic researcher, donor, board member.

I can help untangle your numbers. For instance, do you know:

  • Which donors should be considered for planned giving requests?

  • What fundraising methods yield the best results?

  • Are you attracting new donors? Do they stay?

I am not intimidate by piles of messy data, or a lack of data.

And last but certainly not least:

I can help board members learn to fundraise.

Does your charity need a tune-up or an engine rebuild?

Does your charity need a tune-up or an engine rebuild?

Going deeper:

I have very broad experience in the charitable sector. Here’s some areas where most charities could use a tune-up, if not a complete engine rebuild:

Donor research - Do you know who your donors are? I can conduct focus groups or design surveys. It’s certain that your donors have something to say if you take time to listen.

Bequests and Planned giving - Have you encouraged your loyal donors to leave a gift to your charity in their wills? Don’t let fear keep you from asking.

Fundraising databases - A donor database is the engine that keeps your charity going. Often neglected, a poorly maintained database means you disrespect your donors. Don’t wait until your charity nearly grinds to a halt!

Giving patterns are changing and charities need to adapt. Invite me to come speak to your board, or let’s meet to see how we might work together.

See my church page for a diagram of the Circle of Grace model of giving that informs my work.

P.S. The swan photo on this page was taken in March. Like the swan, your charity can thrive even when conditions seem chilly!