The spirituality of mobile giving


I read everything I can find about fundraising and theology.  I have yet to read anything on the spirituality of mobile giving - please do share if I am missing something! Here's my belief:  the Holy Spirit can guide people who do not have a cheque book (or check book, depending).  We Christian church and charity types should make room for people to give in a variety of ways - including using their smart phone.

Christians believe in the Holy Spirit - God's presence working in mysterious ways.  Theologians have a fancy word for the study of this - pneumatology.

We also believe in promoting generosity, in the spiritual discipline of giving.

Put this together and Christians, more than anyone, should be about making it easy to give.  But we aren't.  Too often we assume potential givers have a cheque book, an envelope and a stamp.  And they don't.

I was at The Pursuit ministry conference last week.  I'm attaching a slide from my workshop on Best Practices for Giving in Churches to make my point.  It applies to any organization: can people donate using their smart phone?

At another workshop, the presenter (Darrell Keezer from Candybox Marketing) offered a box of chocolates to the first person who made a $5 gift to their organization using their phone.  I tried to give to my church but got hopelessly bogged down in the website.  I did not win the prize.

Mobile giving is also about efficiency, social media strategy etc.  There's lots of reasons to embrace it. But for me, it is a theological question at its core: do we want to encourage everyone to give, or only people who have cheque books?