Lori's picks for The Pursuit Day 2 April 28


The Pursuit is a Christian ministry conference in London ON April 27-29.  They have a great website The-pursuit.ca.  I thought I'd share my own personal highlight reel to make it easier for folks. Two Thursday themes emerge for me:

Beyond Photocopiers: Technology for Churches day - I'm talking about bringing church giving online, and Michael Daykin is giving a demo of church software.

Healthy Leader, Healthy Organization - Dr. Steve Brown and Angela Draskovic are both diving into holistic management.

Morning Thursday April 27

Dr. Greg Thompson - Keynote speaker, an American pastor and professor interested in cultural change.  I just watched his video.  He talks about a sense of grief in our contradictory and unjust culture.  And he talks about hope.  His timing couldn't be better - grief and hope from the cultural frontlines of America Dr. Greg Thompson 1 min

Demo - Ken Hall from Robertson Hall Insurance.  Dunno about you, but as a fundraiser I have had a number of insurance conversations lately.  Can we host this event?  Can we rent our facility? Definitely one of those 'an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure' topics.

Afternoon Thursday April 27

12 p.m. - I'm presenting Best Practices for Giving in Churches so I know where I'll be.  Lots of other great choices too.  Tim Coles talks about empowering your frontline staff to see themselves as part of ministry and not overhead. Tim Coles 1 min

1 p.m. Dr. Steve Brown from Arrow Leadership will be here to talk about your toughest leadership challenge - self-management.  I've had the pleasure to learn from Steve when he taught at Tyndale for a week when I was in the D.Min. program.  Since then he has a new book.  Really looking forward to hearing him again. Steve Brown - Leading Me

2:20 Product Demo - NCOL.  Micheal Daykin - pastor and software guy.   Church software demo

3 p.m. And the last option in the last session is me! I'm passionate about understanding our Theology of Giving because it influences everything we do!  Other great choices include Angela Draskovic from Yonge Street Mission on Organizational Health

The day finishes with a Jam Session - an opportunity to seek folks with the same interests/roles and compare notes.  And a closing banquet, which is like a jam session with food!