Digital Giving - some numbers and tips for churches


In US, "the number of checks written between 2000 and 2015 declined by 50 percent." Also, 50% of Americans have less than $50 in their wallet. This stat surprises me - I'm surprised it's that low. Who has more than $50 in their purse? Tim Horton's takes debit - I often have $0. So what? Stats like this matter to churches, who have been slower to embrace digital giving.  Hence, my reminder that the Holy Spirit also speaks to people who don't have a cheque book.  Make giving easier with this helpful primer on digital giving by Alex Benson via the Lewis Center on Church Leadership.

Online giving increases every year. Canadian friends: if your church or charity website doesn't have a donate button, Canada Helps should be your first stop here.  They make it easy!

I first published this post on LinkedIn.  So much to say on this topic, one day I'll post on digital giving and 1 Corinthians 16...