Best Practices for Giving in Churches at CBOQ

Recently someone told me, “I no longer try to be the best, I just try to do things well.” And that’s wise advice, but it was too late for me to change the title of my presentation at the CBOQ conference on June 15, 2019. So Best Practices for Giving in Churches it is!

I’ll be sharing stewardship counsel through the story of the fictional Peach Blossom Church, and no doubt I’ll be hearing new stories as well.

I have lots of ideas and practical suggestions, resources and tools too. Some of my past blog titles will definitely reappear - classics like “The Holy Spirit can also speak to people who don’t have a cheque book.”

I can sum up my presentation in two words: gratitude and trust. Be lavish with gratitude - to God, to people. Work to build trust, through diligent administration and strong relationships. It’s hard to pursue gratitude and trust silently - the church will have to talk about money. It’s a discipleship question first and foremost - pursuing the spiritual discipline of giving. More money for the church is a nice bonus!