New Year's Resolution: Make more mistakes

My goal this year is to make more mistakes. Ideally new mistakes, not just repeating old ones. I’ll need to shed some of my good student background here!
I’m currently writing a book about Christian giving. It tells stories about why people give, based on people I’ve met in my research and my work. It features a fictional church called Peach Blossom. When I started writing, Peach Blossom was a model stewardship church that did everything right. After reading Anne Lamott’s great writing book Bird by Bird, I started to let Peach Blossom make mistakes.
And I moved out of my comfort zone too. My fictional pastor had been a single man, to appeal to a wide audience. But I’d always felt the character was a woman. Now the pastor is a woman named Kim and she’s taken on a life of her own. She’s married to a man who has been married before, a police officer with two kids. I’ve tried to talk her out of this but she’s committed. Peach Blossom is becoming more and more like the faithful and complicated messiness we call church. It feels right.
I’ll keep you posted about how Peach Blossom and I are doing! In the meantime, I wish you a joyful New Year filled with new adventures and including some mistakes.

P.S. While the photo isn’t exactly a mistake, it is an interesting marketing strategy from a mall in Iceland.